Learn audio engineering from the ground up.


Whether you use the latest digital recording systems or a
small analog mixer, having a well-grounded knowledge
of how recording systems work will help you become a more
effective engineer. The basics never change - fundamental
signal flow, effects routing, signal processing, and recording
procedures are always part of the recording process, so having
a solid understanding will enable you to work on any system.

Learning Recording Engineering features a unique approach
to introduce new engineers to the recording process. Designed
primarily for individuals seriously interested in becoming recording
engineers, this book is not a quick how-to guide. It lays the
foundation for you to understand studio operations, technology,
techniques, and the theory behind it all.

Developed by an expert in education and recording engineering,
this is an excellent resource for introductory recording courses. 
Topics discussed include:

• Overview of the recording industry
• Making money with your music
• Making records with record labels
• The music production process
• Tracking, mixdown, and mastering
• Pre-production, politics, & paperwork
• Understanding consoles, microphones,
  signal processors, and basic acoustics

Nearly two hundred audio examples supplement the text so you can hear what is being discussed. If you take time to work through the book and listen repeatedly to the examples, you can gain a solid start toward developing your engineering skills.