Learn audio engineering from the ground up.


Whether you use the latest DAW software or an analog console, having a well-grounded knowledge of recording systems will help you become a more effective engineer. The basics never change—signal flow, mic technique, recording procedures, and good ears are crucial for getting great recordings. Recording Audio is designed to introduce new engineers to the recording process, providing plenty of hands-on suggestions and help along the way.

Topics discussed include:

  • Tracking, mixing, & mastering

  • Microphone design & technique

  • Signal processors & application

  • Podcast & voice recording

  • Audio for video, film, & TV

  • Analog & digital recording

  • Acoustics & studio design

  • Recording for music educators

This is audio, after all, so there are lots of listening examples to help you understand what’s being described. If you take time to work through the book and begin hearing the nuances of the audio samples, you’ll have a solid start toward developing as an engineer.


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