Elizabeth City Rediscover Home

Most people never really see their hometown, being too absorbed in daily life. You take things for granted and completely miss the beautiful architecture, scenery, and history. This book presents a photographic journey into the rich heritage of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, a quiet, unassuming, thoroughly charming town on the Pasquotank River.

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Recording Audio

Most audio recording books are either too complicated for new engineers or too dumbed down (sometimes even inaccurate). So I wrote my own book designed specifically for students who want to learn solid fundamentals as they develop their engineering skills and knowledge.


Mixing for God

Most volunteers on church sound teams are experts in all kinds of things—except audio. You don’t have time to take an engineering class, and yet if you feel a calling to serve your church you need to learn how to do the best you can. Mixing for God is designed by an experienced audio engineer and college professor to help you understand what’s going on.

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Learning Recording Engineering